Music & Projects

Philip Paar & The Sinatra Connection

''Philip Paar pays hommage to Sinatra and the American Songbook with his group The Sinatra Connection. The band often enjoys guest appearances by Scott Hamilton, Deborah J. Carter and others. ''


Hein de Jong - Vibraphone

Jetse de Jong - Piano

Tim Hennekes - Drums

William Barrett - Double Bass

Recorded in Zaandam, 2020

''During the first lockdown, vibraphonist Hein de Jong and his son/pianist Jetse de Jong decided to get together and record a tribute to the compositions of hardbop pianist and composer Horace Silver. The album is the result of a lifelong shared passion by father and son for the swinging, bluesy direction jazz took in the late 50s and early 60s.''

Hein de Jong Group plays the Modern Jazz Quartet

Hein de Jong - Vibraphone

Fred Nardin - Piano

Christophe Drigon - Drums

Michel Martin-Charrière - Double Bass

Recorded live in Autun, 2007

''The Hein de Jong Group presents a beautiful tribute to the Modern Jazz Quartet, whose outstanding art form is timeless because of the perfect balance and blend between jazz, classical music, swing, counterpoint and blues. The music of the quartet was a highlight in the history of jazz and still sounds generous and warm. Extreme rich music, expressive and dense with beautiful moments.''

Get it, Got it, Good!

Hein de Jong - Vibraphone & Marimba

Berend van den Berg - Piano

Stefan Lievestro - Double Bass

Chris Strik - Drums

Recorded at Kwetterhof Audioproducties in 1994

''Get it, Got it, Good! is a creative mixture of both traditional and fusion elements. The musicians, coming from different backgrounds, succeed in finding each other in a swinging and uplifting musical landscape provided by vibraphonist Hein de Jong. The addition of some well known jazzstandards in addition to the original compositions contribute to a  playful set of music. ''

Hein de Jong/Jetse de Jong Group


''Together with his son, Hein leads an extended quartet feauturing vocals and/or saxofone/flute. One moment you'll hear the group playing a groovy bossa nova song while right after that they could swing on a Duke Ellington composition. No matter the style, they succeed in capturing the essence of each song and express themselves in their improvisations